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I’m Lucie. I live in a little flat in West London with my husband Rhys. I am an enthusiastic home cook and adore food, especially eating it!

My first book, Fairytale Food, is a lavish full colour, beautifully illustrated cookery book which features simple recipes, savoury and sweet, that are all linked to different fairy tales. The book is tongue-in-cheek, fun and with cheeky stories and gorgeous illustrations it would make a lovely gift for anyone who loves fairy tales and who wants to bring a little bit of imagination to their everyday cooking.

I should say that this is not a cookery book for younger children, it is very much for teenagers and adults, but mums and dads could certainly use the book to encourage younger children to get involved in the kitchen or to eat certain foods that they wouldn’t normally touch.

Fairytale Food: Enchanting recipes to bring a little magic to your cooking

Fairytale Food: Enchanting Recipes to Bring a Little Magic to Your Cooking

Here are some reviews and features for the book!

A charming book with lovely recipes – Lorraine Pascale

Daily Mail What Book? interview  – Daily Mail

We’ve been checking out some fab baking and cookery books this month and one that’s caught our eye is the upcoming Fairytale Food by Lucie Cash. If you love to cook and like the idea of a quirky recipe book, then read on!

– Trashionista

Fairytale Food is a real delight… There are lovely illustrations throughout the book, which will have the grandchildren fascinated
– Choice

Are you looking for a gift for someone who enjoys cooking and who has an interest in fairy tales? If so, this book could well be your perfect answer. It has over sixty recipes – none of them at all complex – and they’re all associated with favourite fairy tales…. there are lavish illustrations by Yelena Bryksenkova of scenes from the tales and I didn’t find a double page spread which didn’t have some entertaining embellishment. It’s also a bonus that there’s a gentle humour in the illustrations… it could bring a smile (and something tasty to eat) to your lips – or those of someone who would love this as a present
– Bookbag

Recipes such as Princess and the Pea Soup should get your little ones excited for dinner
– Sunday Times

Bring new magic to mealtimes… Recipes from Fairytale Food by Lucie Cash (think Three Little Pigs in Blankets and Snow Queen Cookies) are all you need to hold you own sleepover
– Marie Claire

Fairytale Food is a cookbook with a difference. Each chapter is inspired by a different fairytale and the book is guaranteed to captivate old and young alike. And it is beautifully illustrated by Yelena Bryksenkova… There are lots of yummy treats to choose from
– Sun

What a wonderful idea! Lucie Cash’s recipe book will strike deep into the hearts of budding princesses (and grown ups who can’t resist the lure of folktales). Inspired by classic fairy tales, Cash creates recipes such as The Princess & The Pea Soup and Seven Dwarfs Salad which are, in their own right, delicious and perfectly achievable quests for small chefs. A magical addition to any bookcase
– Easy Living

This is a lovely book! I can imagine that some people would use this to cook with their little ones, but I think this is just wonderful for those of us out there whose imaginations like to take flights of fancy. As a person who loves to cook and weave stories around what I am cooking, this is a perfect recipe book. I am particularly anxious to try the Peter Pancakes and Woodcutter’s Wild Mushroom Soup – they sound delicious! – customer review from Good Reads

Bored with eating the same old thing every day? Rediscover the magic of cooking with this gorgeously illustrated tome, featuring such culinary delights as Princess and the Pea Soup, a Hansel and Gretel gingerbread house, “good fairy” cakes and a killer “goblin granita” cocktail. To the kitchen, Cinderella!
– InStyle magazine

Huff n Puff Pork was also recipe of the week in The Week in April (see below) – The Week


Nice piece on Inside A Black Apple blog!  And a few months ago, the peeks of her illustrations for the book Fairytale Food made me click quick like a bunny to see if I could get my mitts on it in the U.S. (it’s published in the U.K.) and sent me whirling through the Fairytale Food blog.

The book was also the spotlight feature on the Joie de Vivre Cooking blog! We’ve all been enthralled by a fairytale or two in our lifetime and admittingly some people (like myself) like the idea of a fairytale better than real life some days. So, what a brilliant idea, then, to bring some of that fairytale magic into the kitchen! Lucie Cash does this effortlessly and makes even the most difficult of recipes sparkle with whimsical charm.

Lovely post from Janet Clare This charming cookbook accidentally fell into my Amazon basket the other day (does that happen to you too?) and it’s gorgeous! The beautiful illustrations are by Yelena Bryksenkova. So after too many relentlessly rainy days I think we all deserve a happy ending when we get home. Tonight there will be Beauty and the Beast treats for tea!



2 thoughts on “Me, The Book & Press

  1. Hi Lucie

    My name is Rachael Tinniswood and I’m writing an article for LOOK magazine on Shooting Stars for 2012 but my case studies need to be in in the next few mins! Can I give you a call?

  2. Dear Lucy, I am working right now on the translation for the Spanish edition of your book, and I am enjoying very much! I would like to ask you some questions, if you don’t mind… Congratulations for the book!
    Susana Tornero

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