This rainy, damp weekend has been perfect. For one, I’ve managed to get all of my apres-holiday washing done, the flat has been dusted to within an inch of its life and I have had loads of time to try out some recipes from this gorgeous book, ‘Biscuit’ by Miranda Gore Browne.

Miranda’s book is simply lovely. It’s full of fun and interesting recipes which are easy to follow, and as someone who sometimes gets nervy about making biscuits, I felt really reassured as this book provides loads of useful tips to help you get the best results.

I tried two of the recipes – believe me, it was very hard to choose….

Custardy Creams which are lush and worlds away from any shop bought biscuit – I can picture children pocketing these for secret nibbles and adults devouring them at every tea break!

And because I like a bit of chilli (as does Mr Cash), I couldn’t resist giving the Bonfire Cracklers a try. I know it’s not November yet, but heck, with this rain it may as well be!

These are really fun to make and it’s very satisfying watching the tops start to crack open like little volcanoes when they’re in the oven. To top it off they are delicious and the combination of dark chocolate, hazelnuts and a little kick of chilli is spot on.

I can’t wait to try out some more of Miranda’s yummy recipes.

So, what next……Smores? Jam Roly-Poly Biscuits?

Got to be the Rainy Day Gingerbread I think!



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