What every Queen wants for her Jubilee

As the title of this post suggests, this is my Jubilee shopping list, or I should say, my shopping WISH list, as there aren’t enough pennies in my purse to buy all of these lovely things.

I know that there are thousands of jubilee items out there but these are some of my favourites.

Hope you like them too!

 As soon as I saw these cupcake cases I had to have them – they are sitting happily in my draw awaiting the Jubilee.


And of course, I had to have some of these flags to go with – I always love a cake pick!


This biscuit tin is so cute but to be honest, pretty much anything with a corgi on it is!


These days, there’s a tea towel for any occasion…


I think these napkins from Emma Bridgewater are just lovely!


If you want to make your own crown cake, here’s the perfect tin.


I really love the Jubilee chocolate bars that Prestat and Montezuma have made, check them out!




 Perfect for lounging on the lawn, this outdoor scatter cushion is fabulous!


You gotta love bunting…


And this, well, it just makes me giggle and reminded me of the dress-up dolly books I had as a kid.



Finally, every aspiring queen needs a fancy teapot…




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