One of my favourite ‘ings’….chocolates!

Today marked the end of my edible gift creating mission. I wouldn’t say that it has been easy, in fact it has involved many hours of hard kitchen graft, sticky hands and the endless sterilising of jars.

But now that I’ve finished and everything is bow-tied and ready to be given and devoured, I just hope these put smiles on the faces of my relatives.

Here are some of the chocolates I’ve made for gifts this Christmas.

Apart from the Puddini Bonbons (which are from Nigella Christmas) all the other recipes I used are from the gorgeous little book ‘Miss Hope’s Chocolate Box’ by the wonderful confectioner Miss Hope of Hope and Greenwood.

Mixed boxes of goodies

(puddini bonbons, lime & coconut truffles, gin and tonic truffles and stuffed dates)


Lime & Coconut Truffles

(white chocolate truffles with lime & coconut – outer coating is toasted coconut)

Gin and Tonic Truffles

I bought my brother-in-law some gin so thought these would be perfect to go with.

(Dark chocolate with lime and gin of course!)

Stuffed Dates

(these are beautiful and gorgeous for Christmas – filled with a heady mixture of pine nuts, ground almonds, brandy, rosewater and a little sugar, topped with a drizzle of chocolate)


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