Yesterday I made sourdough bread for the first time ever. I’ve always wanted to try it but have never got round to doing it.

We went to stay with my parents up in Cheshire at the weekend and upon arrival I noticed a slightly yeasty smell coming from the conservatory. “What is that smell mum?” I asked. “Herman” she replied….

Here he is

Herman was and still is, my sourdough starter. A lively, bubbling, frothing mass of yeasty goodness which was passed to my mum by her lovely friend Sue, who was given some of Herman to make a friendship cake with (a type of sourdough based cake with fruit and spices in).

Here is a link to a recipe I found but mum had one which used apples  I think:

Carefully decanted into a plastic lunchbox, Herman travelled the three and a half hour car journey back with me to London. Luckily for me he survived, so I decided to see if I could make some bread from him and after a little bit of googling I found this recipe, which also tells you how to make the starter if you haven’t already been given a Herman:

I left the dough to rise for about 8 hours before knocking it back and then left it for a further 4 before running out of time. I actually think it needed longer than that, probably a few more hours of proving, as the texture of the bread was a little dense and could have been a bit airier. Proving time will of course vary depending on the strength of the starter and the warmth of your surroundings. It still tastes good with a dollop of pate though so I can’t complain too much.

I will definately give it another go this weekend, so if anyone has any other recipes or suggestions, please let me know x


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