Little Pink Butterflies

Happy 5th November everyone!

Today’s task was to make 40 pink sugarpaste butterflies for some vanilla cupcakes I’ve got to make next Thursday.

I don’t use sugarpaste very often and I’m very much a novice, but it is easy to use and having bought a small veined butterfly plunger cutter it only took me about 20 minutes to make the butterflies.

If you fancy having a go at making these, here are some shopping links for the bits and pieces:

Pink sugarpaste

Butterfly plunger cutter

You’ll also need a rolling-pin and a non-stick surface to roll your sugarpaste out on – you can buy rolling/cutting mats but I just used a plastic chopping board that had been well dusted with icing sugar and it worked perfectly.

I’m not using it for these, but you could also use edible lustre dusts and give the butterflies (or any sugarcraft decorations for that matter) a bit of extra sparkle –



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